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Welcome to ChampionshipBuzz.com!

ChampionshipBuzz.com is an international sportsnews site that focuses only on championships. Mostly World Championships but also European, Asian and so on.

The major sports are the ones that we will be covering such as Football (soccer), hockey, handball and many more. We monitor the preparations for Hockey World Championship 2021, the qualifications for Football World Championship 2022.

Latest news

CONFIRMED: WJC is happening in December

Foto: Pixabay It has for some time now been uncertain whether the World Junior Championship in ice hockey would be played or not this winter due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. But now the International Ice Hockey Federation has confirmed [...]

By |30 september, 2020|Icehockey|

Equal pay for Brazilian men’s and women’s national team

Image: wallpaperflare.com The Brazilian Football Federation announces that they have introduced equal pay for all national team players. This means that the women's national team led by Swedish Pia Sundhage will in future receive the same prize money and compensation [...]

By |14 september, 2020|Football|

Men’s Handball World Championship draw is done

Image: Wallpaperflare.com The draw for Men’s Handball World Championship is now concluded and here are the groups. Group A: Germany, Uruguay, Kap Verde and Hungary Group B: Spain, Brazil, Poland and Tunisia Group C: Croatia, Japan, Angola and Qatar Group D: Denmark, [...]

By |10 september, 2020|Handball|