The Brazilian Football Federation announces that they have introduced equal pay for all national team players. This means that the women’s national team led by Swedish Pia Sundhage will in future receive the same prize money and compensation as the men’s national team.

This now means that the national team players in Brazil’s national team in the future will receive equal amounts in connection with national team gatherings and tournaments.

– Now there is no gender difference anymore, CBF treats men and women equally, says chairman Rogerio Caboclo in a statement to the news agency AFP.

Brazil thus becomes the fourth nation to make the decision to introduce equal pay for women’s and men’s national teams. The nations Australia, New Zealand and Norway have already introduced the same rules.

Brazil’s actions are praised on social media by several Swedish national team players, where Chelsea and national team player Magdalena Eriksson, among others, refer to the news of equal pay in Brazil together with the text; “Brazil is acting. Great respect to them ”